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Pagan Blog Prompt: Samhain

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(Le site « Pagan blog Prompts » étant en anglais, cet article ne sera pas traduit.)

Today’s prompt is, fittingly enough, about Samhain.
The questions asked:
« Samhain/Halloween is this weekend. What do you have planned?
Or if you prefer, tell us what Samhain means to you?  »

Samhain, in general, represents to me a time of passing and the Celtic New Year.

This year, though, it takes even more importance as I am supposed to re-do my review to move from the Bardic grade to the Ovate.
It was decided as such -in the spring (was it at Alban Eilir?)- with my previous OBOD mentor and the new one has kept the date.

So I have planned for Monday, once I will be alone at home again (Monday’s bank holiday) to do my traditional OBOD Samhain ritual and then to follow with the writing of my review.
I am rather nervous about it: although I have « grown » and matured since I did the first one (about 6 months ago), I am still unsure about how to do it.
Also, I have a bad memory and so can’t really go into details about some specific answers required.
I guess I will have to just « let it flow » and ask Awen to inspire me.

*Note: OBOD stands for « the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids ». I am a student of their on-line course. My mentor is the person helping me through my studies.*

Pagan Blog Prompts: Prompt: Samhain


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