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A bit about disability and a poem

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I wrote the poem « Scared » on the 19th of December 2008.
It expresses partly how I feel due to my « pervasive development disorder-not over-specified », also known as being part of the « autism spectrum disorder ».

Although I have had this condition ever since birth – maybe due to lack of breathing the first 5 minutes of my life, leading to brain « damage »- I only found out I was « disabled » in 2005 after spending three days literally « out of myself » -following the swallowing of 7 calming pills which did nothing but make me uncontrollable.

I received the final diagnosis in June 2010, 5 years after starting to work on getting the right treatment, diagnosis and therapy.

Although I am recognised as disabled I tried to work, every time failing due to stress. I have now my own little internet business and I write -for my own enjoyment and maybe soon for other’s.

The poem is up on my writing blog.


Auteur : Marie "Wolf" Bernat

Semi-nomade qui aime raconter des histoires et explorer la vie, sur le spectre autistique. Semi-nomadic who loves telling stories and exploring life, on the autism spectrum.

3 réflexions sur “A bit about disability and a poem

  1. So sad to read, Marie. But you are doing great! You work from home, you write wonderful poetry and stories. Write a book or short story about your disorder, love. 🙂

    • Thanks, love.
      I have thought about it before, to let people know we are invisible but we exist.
      After all, what I have is a « neuro-diversity » so it’s about diversity still.
      It seems to be my life-long theme, diversity!

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