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Gender? (Gender)Queer!

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I apologize right now: this is going to be a bit of a rant. You have been warned. :-p

I have been exploring my gender identity and came out as being genderqueer to my close family and friends.

Genderqueer (from Wikipedia):

Genderqueer (GQ), Gender Fluid and intergender are catch-all terms for gender identities other than man and woman. People who identify as genderqueer may think of themselves as being both man and woman or as being neither man nor woman and therefore falling completely outside the gender binary. They may express a combination of masculinity and femininity or neither.

In this context, having to pick one gender or the other is getting on my nerves, like in the two following examples:

1. I was creating an account on youtube the other day and… they asked my my gender. Of course the pick was « boy or girl ». What has my gender got to do with watching videos?

2. I’m also bisexual. I was redoing my profile on a gay meeting site when I came across this « sexual orientation: gay/bi/lesbian/trans »
Erm… Trans is a sexual orientation? And where do I put « I am both a girl and a boy, it depends of the mood » on the profile?
Even gay-aware sites don’t even cater to us genderqueers!Maybe it’s because I am in France where, I found out recently, straight people don’t even know what « LGBT » stand for. And no, it’s not due to language, it’s used in French too.

If even the gay sites don’t know (about) us, who will… :-s


Auteur : Marie "Wolf" Bernat

Semi-nomade qui aime raconter des histoires et explorer la vie, sur le spectre autistique. Semi-nomadic who loves telling stories and exploring life, on the autism spectrum.

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