Ma tanière… My den…

La vie de ma meute… My pack's life…

For sanity sake

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Being polyamourous sucks, big time.
You know, that ability to love more than one person at once? Yea, that.

Yea, sure, I’m not supposed to expect anything back or get jealous or bla bla… But I’m human, or at least part of me is, and I fall every time in the same trap.

So for my sanity’s sake, and my boyfriend’s since he picks up the pieces afterwards, I’m thinking about staying away from social media until I can control myself.
I already stay away from socialising « in real life » so this shouldn’t be any harder, right?

We’ll see how long it takes me to either get better or get back online, craving love and attention like a lost puppy (or maybe an attention whore).

I like that image of a lost puppy, because that’s exactly how I feel most of the time. I should walk around with a sign that says « adopt me please ».

I’ll keep posting here and on my writing blog (and so the ROW80 updates).


Auteur : Marie "Wolf" Bernat

Semi-nomade qui aime raconter des histoires et explorer la vie, sur le spectre autistique. Semi-nomadic who loves telling stories and exploring life, on the autism spectrum.

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