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Handfasting ritual

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Here’s the promised English version!
North was my childhood friend S. and South was Bear’s childhood friend V.

We were 32, amongst which were 4 of us doing the ritual.
We took place in a circle under a majestic Oak.
I started by explaining the ritual’s development, then we called peace in the world since « without peace, no work can be done ».

Bear, in the east, started the call to the elements with the air, then south and fire, me in the west and water, north and earth.

The north asked each participant to pass around the cord to symbolize their support, then she met with south in the centre.
She reminded us souls don’t fall near each other by mistake.

South called us at the centre. He spoke to us of the three circle – family, friends, our couple – and reminded us to hang on to the source of our love.

We held each other’s left arm whilst North was wrapping the cord around our hands, as a symbol not of our attachment but of our link. The cord was made of three ribbons: white for honesty, pink for love, green for abundance.

We then declared our engagements to each other ; engagement of love, support,of walking together, not in time because time has nothing to do with the strength of the engagement.
We exchanged our rings, reminder of our engagements as well as of that day and of those who surround us with their love.

Once our hands were unbound, we went all back to our places and thanked the elements and their intermediates (the totem animals) before announcing the end of the ritual.

It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful day, full of love.


Auteur : Marie "Wolf" Bernat

Semi-nomade qui aime raconter des histoires et explorer la vie, sur le spectre autistique. Semi-nomadic who loves telling stories and exploring life, on the autism spectrum.

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