Ma tanière… My den…

La vie de ma meute… My pack's life…

I haven’t disapeared

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Or fallen off the face of the Earth, or been blown away by the strong winds.

I had *that* great idea, the one you think will be so great, but before that, that takes for ever to do.
I’ve decided that I was done playing in the small playground of blogs and that I wanted a website – still with wordpress, but self-hosted.
That was such a great idea when it was still in my head…
A couple of weeks later, not so much.

Granted, I disappeared before that, Bear, having broken his shoulder, was at home so we ended up doing things together and I tried to take breaks from the pc.

So, I have this awesome site that took for ever to look like I wanted, which is not yet done, into which I haven’t published much yet because I’m still getting around all those things one tend to forget about until one thinks « ah, that’s done! »…
And then there’s the secret site that’ll go along with it – which is on hold, I realised doing two at once wasn’t going to work…

And it’s all in French, and my English readers – ok, just my friend ^_^ – are asking for me to « please write in English too », so here I am.
I’ll be posting here in English, and there in French.
I’ll be sharing here the articles I’ll translate there, too, maybe. If you promise you won’t pester about the « new age stuff » – yes, you :-p .

Oh, and in May I’m going to a week long workshop with Mickaël Roads – spiritual writer – and then in June… I’m finally going back to Chester after 9 years!

So, two trips to plan, a website to finish and start writing for, and hopefully the start of the windsurfing season for me – and stand-up paddle, I am trying that this year, with Bear. I’ll get him to take pics of me falling.

Oh, and we have a partial new addition to the family: one of the neighbours got her daughter’s cat to look after. Said cat thought, after a while, that our place was nicer. So he spends his nights outside and his days catching up on much needed sleep on our bed. Luna is still hesitating between adopting him and scaring him off…
We – sorry, I – named him Tigrou.
You can see him on Instagram – yes, I finally gave in and got an account (I mostly use it to look up boho style pics, my spring obsession).

You have no idea just how good rambling in English feels…!


Auteur : Marie "Wolf" Bernat

Semi-nomade qui aime raconter des histoires et explorer la vie, sur le spectre autistique. Semi-nomadic who loves telling stories and exploring life, on the autism spectrum.

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