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La vie de ma meute… My pack's life…

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Some summer pics

Chester, cats, hedgehog, stand-up paddle etc.


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Stop. Twitter break.

(I know you got the allusion…)

So, I lost it again on twitter today.

On one side, my friend was telling me about his worries concerning me going to a seminar held by Mickaël Roads.
The thing is, I know he’s worried, but telling me how I’m being naive and lied to and wasting money because I believe this seminar can help me feel good can get annoying.
Especially when I feel he’s trying to convince me to « give up my believes » – I have dangerous believes: I believe there is more to the world than we can see. Yea, I might preach to people – I’ve never done it, but maybe – and I might die or kill for it – erm, no, never. (I am making it sound worse and sillier, you know that, it’s a blog article)

On the other side, someone was talking about cisgendered and transgendered people and having their periods. I had the stupidity to ask « can we then use « biological sex » instead of genders? » – I was talking about periods, I have that stupid notion that it’s females – biological sex – that have them, regardless of their genders.
You see, I consider myself a « genderqueer female ». I have no effing idea what genders are, I don’t recognise myself in the usual « woman » representation, but I do know that I can feel « feminine » or « masculine », it fluctuates.
(I tend to switch to « boy mode » around girls I like, spread legs included, but that’s definitely not the only time)
I understand there are biological sexes and genders, that people can be non-binary – I am – but I never studied everything about it.
I am willing to learn, though, but twitter isn’t the right place – try explaining this in 140 characters.
I got told to « go get fucked with [my] biological sex ».

I lost it.
I told twitter I was done with it and told it to « do a fucking survival manual for people willing to learn about cis/trans and sex/gender. I WANT TO UNDERSTAND! »
A nice person on twitter explained to me, kuddos to them for doing it and on such a format. If you read this, know you rock.

So, now I’m stuck: facebook drives me nuts with its new format – and we don’t chat on there anyway ; I don’t want to go back on twitter – I feel dumb, stupid, and like I took a door in my face ; that leaves me with dear old emails and skype to stay in touch with people.

I spend time on instagram too, looking at « boho » pictures …

I’ll still check mentions and DMs and I will go over to Facebook every so often. But I think it’ll do me good to stay away from all this for a while. (There goes my social life…)
Friends, you have my email – or you can ask for it.

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Différence de communication et genre

J’hésitais fortement à publier cet article car je redoute un peu les commentaires.
Mais comme j’ai vraiment envie de comprendre, je le poste quand même.
[ Pour info, à l’université ma dissertation de fin de licence était sur l’éco-féminisme et j’envisageais de me spécialiser dans les différences de genre (au niveau des sociétés) pour travailler dans le développement durable / l’humanitaire. ]

J’ai une question au sujet de la différence de style de communication que je remarque entre les hommes et les femmes dans mon entourage [vous noterez que je ne généralise pas, je parle de ma tribu].
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La Redoute & Gender

Un polo de rugby pour les petits garçons qui rêvent d’un look sportif, classique.
Sauf qu’il est « lilas ».
Je le veux.
(Pardon, la marque c’est Vertbaudet)

A rugby shirt for little boys who dream to dress like sportsmen, classic.
Except it’s « lilac ».
I want it.
(Sorry, the brand is Vertbaudet)

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King in a kilt [edit]

Ces jours-ci, je (re)parle de m’habiller en mec et je discute avec un homme qui, lui, porte des jupes. (non, il n’est pas genderqueer, juste il aime varier).
Du coup, j’ai eu envie de faire une tenue « mec en jupe ».
J’en ai profité pour regarder des photos de Drag Kings et leur capacité à se transformer m’a bluffé…
Sauf que je ne suis apparemment pas aussi doué: j’ai assez foiré le maquillage, d’après mon homme (mais c’est peut être juste qu’il n’aime pas). [puis kilt trop court car raccourcit à la fac…]
Du coup, j’hésite à poster une photo.
Suite à demande, la photo est sous le « plus ».

In the past few days I’ve been talking (again) about cross-dressing and I chat with a guy who wears skirts (he’s not genderqueer, he just likes wearing them).
So I felt like doing a outfit « man in a skirt ».
I also went to look at pics of Drag Kings and was surprised by their capacity to transform…
Except that I am apparently not as good as them: I quite messed up the make up, according to Bear (or maybe it’s just that he doesn’t like it). [and kilt too short as I shortened it at uni…]
I’m not sure about posting a pic…
Following requests, the pic is under the cut.
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