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No psy? No problem!

I haven’t seen my psychiatrist since the 27th of January.
Last time I had to cancel because of trains being too late for me to make it, this time he cancelled.

I had a major melt-down in February of which he knows nothing.
I’m fairly certain there have been other things in the mean time… of which he knows nothing.

Besides for the papers to get my disability money (allowance?), why do I need him?
He has never asked for a blood test to check what the meds are doing to me, so it can’t be for that.
(And stopping those meds is hell in any condition, so I’m going to have to do it based upon my will and not upon whether my situation is stable – which I can’t see it being more than this)

So, yea, no psy? No problem!

Although we’re still looking for a closer one – this one’s two hours drive/train away – and who knows about autism *not from a psychanalitic view and knows adults can be on the « high end of the spectrum »*. Yea, in France, it’s kind of hard to find…

I take all good vibes…


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Non, les autistes ne doivent pas « se cacher » (with English link)

I got mad reading the article linked at the end.
Some books advise that kids take their autistic behaviours to a private place.
Let’s hide the autism disorder! Erm… No.

Chers livres qui expliquent aux parents d’enfants autistes que « les mouvements répétitifs ne sont pas appropriés dans un contexte public et doivent être faits en privé », allez vous faire brûler.
Nous, les autistes, revendiquons le droit d’être autiste et de le montrer, n’en déplaisent à certains que cela gêne.
Vous vous permettez de fixer un sourd qui utilise la langue des signes, c’est vous le malpoli, mais un autiste est, lui, le malpoli. NON!
Nous ne sommes pas malpolis, nous sommes différents.
Acceptez le ou pas, cela ne changera rien au fait que nous existons.

Cette colère a été provoquée par la lecture de cet article en anglais: Socially Inappropriate

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Open letter to EF, my host families and the people I met in the UK

I went a few times to Britain during the summer, for language camps, and I loved it. When I saw that my studies here went going too well, I asked my parents to let me go study one year in Britain.
I was 16, it was in 1999 and we thought I was a normal person.
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Behaviour triggers – Déclencheurs de crises

Cette chouette image par Spectrum Superstars explique bien ce qui peut provoquer des crises chez un enfant – et un adulte – sur le spectre autistique.
This great picture by Spectrum Superstars explains well what can trigger a « crisis » for children – and adults – on the autism spectrum.
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« The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism: No You Don’t » and my comment on it.

I know I am better off but I, too, get the « you’re not autistic », the risk of loosing my only livelihood – disability rent – if I marry, the incapacity to work – and therefore the feeling that I am just a lazy ass living on other people’s work, the family who won’t see me anymore – maybe they think they might catch autism?- or who refuse to accept I am autistic, the people who think I don’t try hard enough or don’t « suck it up »… But I have a wonderful mother and step-father, a dad who tries – even if it’s hard for him, a great and supportive partner, wonderful friends with whom I’m not afraid to be myself – weird noises, compulsive cuddles and hand-flapping included. Thank you all of you – you know who you are.